The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Lily Douere Bandotubo is an Entrepreneur, an author, a blogger and a mentor under Catering and Confectionery (Business and Entrepreneurship).

Do you want to learn how to cook food like fried rice, shredded beef sauce and bake snacks like caterpillar bread, coconut jam drops, chelsea buns, croissants, soups and delicious stews, is a perfect place to start with. Health is wealth so it is advisable to eat right to be healthy. 

The food and health blog does inform you about our products and healthy alternatives to food and as well as trainings with intensive mentoring from LIWONDER FOOD ‘N’ GLOBAL EVENTS. We work with NGOs and schools to empower youth, women, orphans and schools. We are easy to comprehend and we are known for healthy, tasty and low sugar food/confectionery products using sugar reduction techniques with good recipes.

Contact us and get the best on production, delivery, occasions, trainings with intensive theory and practical mentoring for your future progression.

CEO- Lily Douere Bandotubo

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Liwonder Food is a hygienic company where you can order for healthy food at the same time get value for your services at a very affordable price. Lily and her team members makes you feel comfortable , a try there would leave you satisfied once you taste their delicious pastry.

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